Work Places

Place has always been central to my work. It is not the subject of the work but provides the conditions that allow the work to exist. Cities supply a density of human activity and accelerated collective interaction with endless variations of form and nuance. The mountains allow time that is less human centric, while the desert is more vast and foreign than any space I have ever known; both open a glimpse into deeper versions of reality in a wild but gentle environment. Currently I have three studios that I physically built or renovated: Libre in Colorado since 1968, Wall Spring in Nevada since 1995 and The Brewery in Benicia, California since 2000. I spend as much time in each as I possibly can and am still heartbroken to leave one for another. Moving between these places heightens my perceptions, as if looking at shifting reality from many points in space with time unfolding at multiple speeds. Migrating allows the awareness of parallel, coexisting realities to emerge and that is the real subject of my work.